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1- you should read the rules
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:14 am

1-Respect other Members and the Staff.
2-Do not make any racist comments, doing so will result in a Warning...then BAN!
3-Don't go too much offtopic.
4-Do not suggest rates, or discus them, the rates will be decided by the Staff!.
5-Don't ask to be GM, you don't have a chance, if the team needs new GM's then they will pick people.
6-Don't spam, NOT even in the Offtopic Section.Just in Spam Thread.
7-Don't use ''#'' when reporting a thread, this is only allowed when you are someone from the Staff.
8-Don't insult Members or the Staff.
9-Don't post any +18 related content or links.
10-Don't impersonate staff or their names.
11-Don't ask when the register page will be online when it is not online.
12-Don't make spam in ChatBox you going to be WARNED then BANNED.
13-Don't use chatbox for bug report if you do 3 days banned.
14-Use the search function before asking anything, if you fail to use it we can infract you or even give you a ban.
15-You are only allowed to speak English, Private Chats doesn't matter but in public ENGLISH only.
16-You are not allowed to have multiply accounts on this forum, if we find out we will ban both of them**
17-We don't tolerate swearing..those who will swear ...will be WARNED then BANNED.
18-Don't Ask about new releases or patch's , you will be warned first time next time ban.
19-Don't Ask About The Server Status ( if It was online or offline ) Admins,Mod,Support Will Tell You Why The Server is Offline !!

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Forum Rules
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