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 European Built

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PostSubject: European Built   Tue May 17, 2011 12:17 pm

Warrior: All warrior skills can be added they work perfectly some passives might not work on your character and the warrior buffs to buff other players might not work i (Will update more on this soon as i collect information)
Rogue: As i found out rogues skills work perfectly only the skills and the xbow and dagger buff but do not you poison are u will crash.
Wizard: Wizard skills work perfectly but the life control and life turnover is not as powerful as the one in other SRO versions it only carries up 25% of the mag attack but your hp doesn't reduce which is kinda good. Razz
Warlock: Debuffs might not work and lots of skills. (Will update more on this built)
Cleric Only the attacks work but not the buffs only buff that works is bless spell and offering isn't as strong as in other SRO versions and recovery division may cause u to crash.
Bard: Well only the Speed and Noise works, and only 2 attacks are working but not properly sometimes they hit criticals and they just don't hit you.

As soon as i get more info i will update it.
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European Built
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