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 [NEW PATCH]4.5.2011

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PostSubject: [NEW PATCH]4.5.2011   Wed May 04, 2011 1:04 am

Hello ,

here's the new patch had arrived ..

What We've Fix :

- Fixed logon spawn errors (Crashes) Tested in hotan and related crash points
- Fixed double item load error on login
- Fixed respawn bug monster respawn immortal and locations
- Fixed several skill cast errors
- Fixed eu drops
- Fixed stall items now all items can be added (except item mall types).
- Fixed exp multiplier for monster types
- Fixed stone creation by gm command (Database error fix)
- Fixed blue system bugs (Loading / unloading of items / reading of items)
- Fixed alchemy stones (Add blues to items)
- Fixed move to player (monster null error).
- Fixed item bug (Forgotten type). in database saving
- Fixed teleport level for alexandria

What We've Updated :

- Updated spawn system (Should be done now).
- Updated spawn stall (Now stalls are spawned properly).
- Updated effects (Added burn and lightning shock).
- Updated monster skills (Now frozen shock and burn have been added) to monster skills

What We've Added :

- Added universal pill test (Removal abnormal state).
- Added several missing checks to attack picking and related player actions
- Added spawning base for job transports
- Added base for job equipment checks (In progress not active).
- Added new data files for new update
- Added base for new buff items like balloons and such
- Added new unique's (Medusa, Fixed ivy, Neith, Sphinx, Isis and others).
- Added global spawn / despawn for force skill (Harmony therapy).
- Added custom config (EnableUniqueMessage) If set to "1" then whenever you spawn,

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[NEW PATCH]4.5.2011
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