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 What Bugs We Found And What Bugs Are Fixed ..

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PostSubject: What Bugs We Found And What Bugs Are Fixed ..    Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:01 am


We Found Much bugs In This Patch And I've reported it and now there's bugs have fixed now and bugs we still working on it And About The Bugged Caves We Are Working On It Maybe It Will not be Fixed Till next 2 patch's..

*Bugs We Found : ( That We're Trying To Fix )

1- If you press one skill you cant change to another skill
2- You cant cancell move to attack if you press a skill
3- Sometimes you cant see another people and need restart
4- Slow mob load if you use 95% speed or 100% speed drug this produce crash
5- Sometimes you get negative skill points, experience, defense, etc and you cant enter in you account
6- Ghost spear - Emperor skill gives later the dmg
7- To hight mob damage
8- You can grab another items no wait 10 seconds
9- Fast kill produce crash
10- Alexandria give a lot of crash
11- Weapon bug damage 1
12- When you sit you still can cast skills,so you are unkillable because of fast regeneration
13- Many bard skills don't works.When u use tambours you get crash
14- after casted skill,must wait some delay before casting another
15- Bard massive attack skills doesn't works (horror chord,booming chord)
16- when in party like one 110lvl another 50lvl and kill 80lvl mob both get same xp but no sp
17- You can use dance anywhere,but after casting crash
18-Pure offering skill doesn't use 95% of HP
19- Bard normal attack range is 0 or 1,but you have to be very close to mob
20- 75lvl pure int bard with 64lvl sosun +12 weapon deal 1k dmg from normal attack to 46lvl mob.WTF?

*Disabled Bugs : ( We Will work on it after we're done from all important bugs

1- DW AND JG caves dont work (idk if this are off or what happens)( DISABLED FOR NOW ).

*Fixed Bugs : ( Will Come On Next Patch )

1- Nukes slow, 1hit and wait 10 seconds (FIXED).
2- Level up skills produce crash (FIXED).
3- Sometimes you get negative skill points, experience, defense, etc and you cant enter in you account (I know thats happens when you on party match)(STATS FIXED on Next Patch , but party is not finished)(so not a bug).
4- Sp and Xp rates dont work good. (Fixed).
5- The Chinese Skills 100% (Fixed)
6- The Europe Skills 95% (Fixed) [Soon It Will Be Fixed 100%]

95% Of the bugs will be fixed .

Please Be Patient Till The Next Patch ..

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What Bugs We Found And What Bugs Are Fixed ..
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